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Conference Rooms

We offer the best solutions to you, so you can provide your clients with the best business experience at your lodge:

Connectivity. Powerful and Secure WiFi (indoor and outdoor) & Wired Internet Access connectivity throughout for a great guest experience for your business users. We can provide equipment that can connect to your wireless network and can be portable from meeting room to meeting room.

Presentations. LCD Televisions and Screens. This is essential for any conference – from your video calls to wireless presentations.

Telephone. Our conference phones offer sophisticated and easy-to-use communication solution. Our technology helps ensure crystal clear transmission during meetings, so participants don’t miss any of the discussion. Plug-and-play simplicity lets you connect the conference phone to an ethernet cable or phone line. Flexible, advanced features enhance audio, web, and video conferencing environments. Choose from a variety of conference phone models to address the needs of different users in your hotel.

Projector. If you require a display larger than what your current LCD monitor can provide, a projector is the way to go. Give your business users the ability to make great presentations to their colleagues and clients. Turn your conference rooms into a movie theater for your family clients if you choose.

Sound. The sound quality of your conference room is imperative so your clients can hear presentations clearly as well as those participating remotely.

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