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Guest Wi-Fi

Research by and show that Guest Wi-Fi is one of the most appreciated amenities in hotel rooms. For business travelers worldwide, Wi-Fi is more important than air conditioning and parking.

Having a non-reliable, inefficient, or slow Wi-Fi can bring bad on-line reviews, worsen hotel reputation and reduce the number of bookings coming from word-of-mouth.

In short, it makes hotels lose money.

Did the last hotel, motel, Inn or resort you visited provide an in-room Guest WiFi service? We thought so.

But did you know that Guest Wi-Fi, when done the right way, can be so much more than just connectivity? has built key partnerships to provide enhanced technology that turns this commodity into a business driver, helping your customers advance their business and gain a unique competitive advantage.

Guest WiFi 2

Our Guest Wi-Fi solution can help you…

  • Build revenue: Monetize your network through promotion and advertising.
  • Improve customer experience: Do away with cumbersome passwords by enabling social media authentication, such as Facebook check-in.
  • Support marketing efforts: Automatically provision custom-branded splash pages and captive portals, or collect presence analytics to push vouchers and coupons to a targeted audience.
  • Market to your customers in real time: Deliver real-time coupons for nearby amenities and integrate location data with Customer Relationship Management, loyalty programs, and custom applications for targeted real-time offers.
  • Use powerful analytics to know your clients and reward them:  Analyze capture rate, dwell time, and new / repeat visitors to measure advertising, promotions, site utilization, etc.
  • LIKES on Facebook: With “social login” the hotel manager can quickly see more Likes, check-ins and posts about the hotel on Facebook.

You’ve worked hard for your business, and it deserves the very best!

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