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Point Of Sale System

Easy Customer Service and Payment Systems for Your Hotel


To have a successful hotel, it’s important for your customers to constantly feel at ease, from the moment they book their rooms to the second they check out. Help your customers have a more comfortable and convenient stay by introducing new customer service and payment systems technology to your hotel. ServiceMyBusiness is the premier IT solutions company in the Toronto area.  We can equip your hotel with the most convenient customer service tools available. Here are just a few of the ways that our innovative IT solutions can help your business.


Mobile Check-In App


Many hotels have strict check-in and check-out times that can cause a lot of anxiety for customers. Sometimes, factors beyond a customer’s control such as a delayed flight or bad traffic can make it hard for customers to make it to their rooms by check-in time. These days, mobile apps can be used so that customers can check in and out of hotels through their mobile devices and alert hotel staff of any late arrivals or departures. These apps help to avoid any confusion or miscommunication between customers and hotel employees. ServiceMyBusiness can connect your IT system to one of these mobile apps for easy and direct customer contact.


Point of Sale


ServiceMyBusiness offers the most up-to-date point of sale system for hotels in the Toronto area. A point of sale system is a digital service that allows you to easily track and manage any monetary transactions between a customer and hotel employee. Our innovative point of sale system is great in hotel restaurants and bars, making it easy for customers to pay for their meals and settle their tabs using the method of payment that’s best for them. This point of sale system also makes it easier for customers to pay for their room and any complimentary services you may offer, such as room service. Help keep everything simple and convenient for your guest with a point of sale system from ServiceMyBusiness.


The success of any hotel is dependent on the satisfaction of the guests. Give your customers a relaxing vacation with great customer service and the latest payment technology.


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