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Technology Mistake #8: Virus & Malware

Virus & Malware

Virus & Malware not only remain a major threat, but their dangers are increasing.

The BBC reports that unprotected PCs become infected within eight seconds—eight seconds!—of being connected to the Internet.  That makes virus exposure the eighth common SMALL/MEDIUM business tech misstep.

Infections are proving expensive, too. In the book The Dark Side Of The Internet, author Paul Bocij estimates the average virus incident costs organizations $2,500 in remediation and data recovery expenses.  A report by ICSA Labs places businesses’ costs even higher (at $99,000 per incident).

And, as mentioned earlier, the problem’s only getting worse. The numbers, varieties and types of threats only increase. Malware programs are evolving at such a clip that many security software vendors have eliminated daily updates in favor of distributing patches every four hours.

Often, businesses and users simply fail to implement protection. One survey (conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance) revealed that 67% of the respondents did not possess current (up to date) antivirus software.  Worse, some 15 percent had no antivirus application installed.

Virus Malware Exposure
Virus Malware Exposure


SMBs need a comprehensive security strategy, optimized for multi-stage attacks to defend against Virus & Malware attacks.

Recently, we’ve seen the emergence of multi-stage Virus & Malware attacks that employ various technologies, deployed in several stages, to penetrate an organization’s defenses. Each phase of an attack requires proactive measures built upon a security connected strategy that stops intruders before they impact your business.




Attack and Defense against Virus & Malware

Stages of an Attack How our Suites Can Defend You
Pre-Attack – Phase Proactive measures reduce the attack surface and vulnerabilities. ·   Instant visibility into the security health of your endpoints helps you reduce the attack surface easily and efficiently.
First Contact – Malware comes in contact with unsuspecting users, usually through a malicious website. Other access points are removable media, unsolicited messages from social media sites, and misconfigured or unsecured wireless networks. • Safe surf and search and web content filtering reduce chance of exposure to or drive-by downloads of malware.

• Device control blocks use of unapproved storage media that may be infected with malware.

• Network connection reputation shuts down botnets, denial-of-service attacks, and malicious traffic.

• Mobile anti-malware prevents compromise of smartphones and tablets.

Local Execution – Bad code runs on target machines to exploit vulnerabilities in applications or the OS.  If the malware can subvert protections, it writes its code to disk. ·  Host intrusion prevention blocks exploit and shields unpatched vulnerabilities.

• Dynamic application control allows installation of only known good files or applications based on dynamic whitelisting.

• On-access scanning monitors memory and network traffic.

• Secure container for mobile email protects enterprise data on devices.

Establish Presence – Malicious code hides on the system and is made to persist, so that it survives reboot and stays hidden from security measures and from the user. • Traditional antivirus and anti-malware.

• Host intrusion prevention protects during startup and off the network.


Malicious Activity – Goal of attack is achieved—from stealing identities and intellectual property theft to bank fraud. • Host-based firewalls prevent connections to known malicious bot networks and limit the loss of sensitive data.

• Whitelisting prevents malicious software from tampering with known good application files and prevents execution of bad code.

It only takes one exploit to cripple an entire business network. You have to know what’s vulnerable so you can avoid an attack, and it requires maintaining a proactive security strategy that decreases the span of your potential attack surface and discovers vulnerabilities.  Our Endpoint Security Suites are the ultimate defense.

You’ll be able to reduce your complexity to achieve a multi-layer defense strategy that won’t impact productivity.

You’ve worked hard for your business, and it deserves the very best!

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