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What’s the Best PMS Platform for your Hotel in 2016?

What’s the Best Platform for Your Hotel’s Distribution in 2016?

Online distribution has become the norm for hospitality in the 21st century – over 80% of travelers plan their travel and book rooms on the internet today.  Hotels have been aware of this growing emphasis on online platforms for a while now.  In fact, the majority of properties today prioritize the internet as their primary source of bookings! With that in mind, finding the right PMS platform for your hotel is crucial.

There are a number of reasons the online model is so popular but most importantly, it simplifies things for the guests. That’s the secret sauce for success in hospitality – optimizing the guest experience, even before pre-arrival!

The only downside to the Internet’s dominance is the increased competition. Indeed, sales platforms are so cluttered with inventory today that it’s extremely hard for independent hotels to stand out.

The Cloud-based PMS Platform

That’s where the cloud-based PMS Platform comes in – cloud technology enables hoteliers to harness the power of the internet and go head-to-head and challenge the biggest properties in the area.

To understand how, we need to go a little further back to the early days of property management. Pencils and paper would essentially make up the management tools available to these early hoteliers, and as technology advanced, in-premise property management systems (PMS) earned a reputation for their streamlined management capabilities.  However, as the Internet was yet to come into existence, in-premise systems were designed to focus on the GDS network as all bookings then were made offline.

The birth of the Internet was a massive disruption for in-premise or legacy technology.  Within years, online agencies had popped up around the world and more and more bookings were beginning to come in from these online platforms.  Outdated technology like legacy systems were built specifically to connect to the GDS platform, and had to be upgraded with third party software to accept online bookings.

But even this was not good enough.  Online platforms were growing in number and within no time, hotels had dozens of channels to sell their inventory on.  Unfortunately, multiple channel integration was simply beyond the capacity of in-premise systems.  In fact, hoteliers often ran into issues with overbooked rooms as the system could not update inventory in real time.  This inhibited hotels from utilizing all platforms to their maximum potential for fear of running the risk of having to turn away guests.

Built within the ‘internet era’, cloud-based PMS Platform technology proved to be a game-changer for every industry. Unlike the in-premise counterparts, the cloud PMS systems were specifically built to prioritize the newly emerging, online marketplace.  It was designed to use the Internet to optimize business.

Hotels could now connect to multiple distribution networks and accept bookings from OTAs, their own web booking engine, travel search engines, and even the offline bookings that continue to trickle in.  And they could update rates and inventory in real-time, eliminating any possibility of encountering double-bookings.

Empowering Hoteliers

Cloud technology didn’t just open up whole new possibilities for hoteliers, it magnified the reach of the industry as a whole!  In-premise systems demanded heavy expenditure for their continuous maintenance and upkeep, rendering them inaccessible to the majority of hotels.  The cloud pulled down all these barriers to accessibility, enabling independent hotels to utilize the same enterprise-level tools utilized by the larger brands.  This allowed small and mid-sized properties to go head-to-head with the international multi-property chains.

Cloud-based PMS Platform Technology is truly empowering hospitality and hoteliers. If you are not on a cloud PMS platform, you should seriously consider adoption as soon as possible in order to truly get the benefits of 21st century hoteliering!

You’ve worked hard for your business, and it deserves the very best!

If you have any questions or are looking for a good hospitality property management system, please feel free to reach out to us at info@servicemybusiness.com or check us out on the web at http://servicemybusiness.com/property-management-system/

Hospitality Property Management System

To succeed, hoteliers need a comprehensive Property Management System (PMS) solution that is flexible and agile. Every aspect must be designed to empower property owners.

The system should simplify your front office tasks, centralize room operations & manage your guests and groups easily.  Systems that are simple and display ‘up-to-the-minute’ status of your property are very helpful.

A hospitality property management system MUST HAVE Points of Sale included.  That way your team learns one tool, and you have a single point of contact if you run into any technical issues.

Look for systems that can provide touch screen enabled technology and allows you to manage Restaurants, Mini bar, Spa, Travel Desk and more from one tool.  Look for systems that can sell orders directly to the guests, transfer to the room as “Room Service”, or bill directly to the client’s company.

Your PMS should also include easy housekeeping management capabilities with quick maintenance tools and daily task lists.  Look for a single pane of glass that can provide the most-current room information, organized neatly, with simple point & click controls.

Also check to make sure your system gives you an Integrated Distribution System that allows you to manage bookings from all your sources.   Look for a PMS system that includes a Channel Manager that can update real-time rates and availability on OTAs, simplify OTA management & sell on unlimited channels to eliminate errors.

Does your PMS system have a Global Distribution System? In order to tap beyond the local travel marketplace, global connectivity is vital.

Hotels that are plugged into the GDS are ensured of their room nights being distributed across the biggest hotel booking resource.  However, the GDS interface can be very challenging for hoteliers. The sheer volume of Travel Agents and competing hotels means that managing room nights across the global distribution system can be very time consuming, so make sure you choose your GDS wisely, or preferably, pick a PMS system that has good GDS integration.

You should also look for a PMS system that can easily manage direct bookings from your website and accept online payments directly on your site. The PMSs booking engine should also be optimized for mobile devices to let travelers book your hotel from their smartphones or tablets.

Can you PMS get direct bookings from Facebook?  This would really enhance direct bookings, and allow you to display all of your packages & simplify the experience for your clients.  Check to see if your PMS lets your Facebook fans book their stay on your hotel’s Facebook page itself, thus reducing multiple steps of booking.  This makes it easier for your hotel to tap into the base of loyal fans to attract more guests.

Reporting is key for your PMS.  A good PMS system with you great reports and Information at your fingertips and allows you to check your forecasts & track your progress.  Reporting is an important part of Hospitality operations. Make sure you clearly understand the PMS system’s reporting capabilities, and ensure it meets your needs.

Finally, Accounting.  Make sure your PMS system has simplified accounting that allows you to manage all your payments and payables from different sources of revenues like room booking, restaurant, and travel desk.  It should also allow you to manage travel agent and corporate bookings, invoices and payables, ageing reports, commissions, deductions and more with ease.

You’ve worked hard for your business, and it deserves the very best!

If you have any questions or are looking for a good hospitality property management system, please feel free to reach out to us at info@servicemybusiness.com or check us out at http://servicemybusiness.com/property-management-system/