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SMALL/MEDIUM businesses must concentrate their time, focus and energy on knowing their own industry.

For example, plumbers must keep up with building codes. Accountants must stay abreast of tax law changes, while physicians must keep current with the latest medical news and pharmaceutical developments.

It is very understandable that SMB owners and executives try their best to make due, since most of them have to wear multiple hats to survive and grow.  Thus, countless SMBs don’t possess the resources or inclination to track the latest computer news, security threats or even common break/fix tips. Nor are they adept at maintaining best technology practices.

The first technology mistake common to numerous SMALL/MEDIUM businesses is insufficient or proper technical support.

Many organizations simply go without, relying instead upon an employee whose love of Warcraft may make him or her the local office “computer guru.” Other organizations may depend upon a staffer’s brother or uncle (who’s “interested in computers”) to provide technology advice or assistance when critical systems fail or slow unacceptably.

Some turn to their hardware manufacturer’s telephone support line for help, only to be disappointed when the solution to many problems proves to be performing a re-installation (thereby resulting in the loss of all the business owner’s data). Yet others rely upon a big box electronic store’s service arm, never receiving the same (novice, often under-educated and inexperienced) technician twice. Still others sometimes locate a student or other individual who provides computer support “on the side.”  The larger SMBs also reach out to the larger tech companies, only to be disappointed by the lack of interest from the sales teams, and the overwhelming costs of the “Big Shop”s technical support.

These support methods are not cost-efficient. Nor are they effective information technology investment, troubleshooting or administration options.

Support Recommendations:

SMALL/MEDIUM businesses need knowledgeable, trusted technology partners proficient with current technologies and willing to help learn their industry’s operations requirements. Once a qualified technology expert is familiar with a client’s needs, appropriate services and solutions can be recommended and deployed. The result is almost always more cost-effective, more efficient, more profitable operations for the client.

These benefits are the result of a professional technology consultant’s ability to:

– Identify and resolve failures fast

– Leverage experience and match knowledge to specific client needs

– Fulfill critical technology needs in a timely, professional capacity

– Determine appropriate hardware and software investments and upgrades

– Deliver proven proactive monitoring and maintenance services to eliminate downtime

– Reduce costs

Small and Medium sized Businesses must remember that getting the right help, at the right time, from the right partner, will help them focus on what’s really important, growing their business.  The right partner is the one that focuses solely on SMBs and has the technology relationships to properly service your company’s technology needs.

We will be posting additional “mistakes to avoid” and recommendations on a weekly basis.  If you have any questions around the information above or want to reach out to a trusted SMB Business to Business (B2B) technology partner, please feel free to reach out to us @

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