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Global Distribution System

Global Distribution System. Connect to over 600000 Travel Agents, Get Global Visibility, Increase your online reach & enjoy a 2-way interface. For hotels seeking to tap beyond the local travel marketplace, global connectivity is vital. However, this isn’t easy. There are countless number of buyers (such as Travel Agents and Corporates) and sellers (your competitor hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, hostels, etc.) that are a part of the global hospitality niche.

In this competitive and confusing scenario, the GDS network has surfaced as the undisputed answer. Hotels that are plugged into the GDS are ensured of their room nights being distributed across the biggest hotel booking resource. However, the GDS interface can be very challenging for hoteliers. The sheer volume of Travel Agents and competing hotels means that managing your room nights across the global distribution system can be very time consuming.

With its easy to use interface, our system ensures that your rooms are distributed regionally, nationally and internationally without any issues. We connect you to the four, major GDSs:

  • Amadeus
  • Sabre
  • Galileo
  • Worldspan

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