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Managed Infrastructure

Our managed cloud approach addresses the most common pain points hospitality businesses struggle with when managing their I.T. infrastructure:

Redundant, Managed and Secure Internet Gateways. We can provide Internet connectivity from one or more carriers to ensure you are never down and can provide fast and reliable Internet for your clients. Network can be set up to dynamically manage bandwidth policies to make effective use of the hotel’s main internet access connection to the outside world and ensure ALL your clients get a fair share of Internet connectivity.

Power Protection. Protect your critical telephone, network and computer systems from power surges, fluctuations and power outages.

Network and systems administration and management. Scaling, Patching, Backups, Restores, Monitoring, Alerts and Disaster Recovery.

Property Management System which includes points of sale, housekeeping, maintenance, accounting and channel management tools, all included. Priced on a per room basis and securely accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Web site design, hosting and search engine optimization.

Independent IT Design, Consultancy and Architecture services.

Telephone System – Digital & Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems (Local, Hosted or Cloud Solutions)

Racking and cabling. We have a dedicated cabling team that ensures your technology investments are racked, cabled, secured, cooled and powered with our racking kits.

Technical Support. Relax, we are looking after you.

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