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Technology and the Environment

I am now reaching my 42th year of life on this beautiful blue planet, our home, our earth.  And as I get older, I realize more and more, that we ALL need to help our mother earth in the fight against pollution and saving the environment.

Many of us know there are problems, but feel hopelessness and despair when faced with the magnitude and sheer size of the challenge.

There also remain a number of misconceptions about things like Green I.T. sustainability, some of the more common being:

  • It is expensive to implement,
  • It relates simply to saving the planet and is not a business issue,
  • It is driven by compliance,
  • It is just about energy savings,
  • It is just about the data centre, and
  • It is just about what goes on within I.T.

However, I can confidently tell you “it’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”  There are many small things we can ALL do, to help just a little bit. And all together, we can make a remarkable difference.

One way we can help is in the efficient and smart use of our technology.  That is why it is imperative to ensure that
your company not only focuses on ensuring their I.T. investments are made in all the right places, but also to look at the environmentally responsible use of computers and any other technology related resources.

Here are some ideas that YOU and your company can do to help:

1.    Choosing green providers. When selecting a Technology vendor or partner, ask the tough questions like; what is your company doing to help “Green computing and green technology”, what best practices are you implementing to become more energy efficient?

2.    Green practices and policies.  Implement best practices and policies that ensure your company’s computing devices (servers, workstation and mobile devices) and their components (CPUs, etc.) are Energy Star Certified!  You can look for the ENERGY STAR logo and find Energy Star Certified product at
Remember, the Certification is not just for home appliances!

3.    Reduce consumption and recycle.  What are you doing to reduce resource consumption (paper, pens, pencils, markers, etc.) and improve the disposal of the same resources, as well as electronic waste (e-waste)?

a.     Using e-documents instead of paper,

b.    Using tablets and laptops to project presentations instead of paper,

c.     Reducing the use of notepad, etc.,

d.    Ensuring your shredding providers properly recycle shredded materials,

e.    Switching to paperless processes, and

f.      Properly recycling old computers and servers.

4.    Shift your corporate culture.  You can help shift your corporate culture by doing small things like:

a.     Encouraging staff to do more learning online.  This reduces pollution by minimizing commuting and paper waste.

b.    Supporting telecommuting.  Let your staff work from home once a week! This helps get people and cars of the road!

If you need some help or have questions about how to implement Green I.T. in your company, look us up, we are here to help @

Remember, ALL companies, big and small can make a difference, so make sure you are part of the change and solution!

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