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Technology Mistake #2 SMBs can avoid:  Common hardware/software issues

Smart organizations set PC service lives at three or four years. There’s a reason.

When you look at costs—particularly around a four- to six-year lifecycle—it may seem like you are saving money, but really it’s costing you, because support expenses increase.  Retaining PCs longer than three or four years often results in repair and support costs that meet or exceed the price of new systems.

This is the second common tech mistake businesses make; they fail to standardize hardware components and software applications, where possible. The result is a mish-mash of components that complicate troubleshooting, repair and deployment and the need to support a variety of programs possessing different license terms and
renewal dates. Incompatibilities often result.

Worse, older and obsolete hardware is less efficient, increases downtime likelihood, feeds staff and customer frustration, endangers sales and threatens other lost opportunities.


SMALL/MEDIUM businesses can overcome common hardware and software issues by:

  • Retiring equipment at proper lifecycles, typically three to four years
  • Standardizing hardware components
  • Standardizing software applications
  • Working with an IT consultant to leverage vendor relationships and reduce costs/negotiate more attractive pricing


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