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Technology Mistake #3: Insufficient Power Protection

The third technology misstep that often affects businesses is inadequate power protection.

A single power outage, surge or spike can damage expensive electronic components and result in critical data loss. Consistent surges and brownouts, meanwhile, shorten the lifespan of computers, printers, network components and other equipment.

Many businesses deploy simple power strips. Others continue depending upon surge suppressors deployed five and even 10 years earlier.

When thunderstorms, electrical outages and other disasters strike, the damaged systems and corrupted or lost data—not to mention downtime—resulting from insufficient power protection prove costly.


Organizations should deploy quality battery backup devices (with built-in surge suppression) for all critical desktop PCs. Further, technology professionals should connect all servers and network equipment (routers, switches and Wi-Fi access points) to un-interruptible power supplies (UPS) and monitor/test them regularly to confirm
adequate protection is in place.

When deploying battery backups, businesses should take care, too, to properly install and configure corresponding cables and communications software. Network protections should be leveraged whenever possible, as well, in attempts to remediate cable modem, DSL and other surge sources that can destroy telecommunications and computing equipment.

Since surge suppressor quality varies, organizations should purchase such equipment from trusted vendors.  And, since surge suppressors (and batteries) wear over time, businesses should replace them regularly.

Simple power strips should be avoided whenever any computer, server, network device or other important component is present.  When trying to decide what to buy, it makes sense to think about the consequences to
your business if critical equipment was damaged vs. the price you would pay for its protection.


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