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Technology Trend #1 for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses in 2016 – Abandon or Reduce On-Premises Technology

Over the last 15 years, the way small businesses operate has changed dramatically.  Offices host an array of desktops, printers, monitors, servers and other technology paraphernalia.  However, the cost of buying and maintaining all that equipment has severely dented the bottom line.

Maybe it isn’t worth hanging on to all of it.  As Information Technology (IT) equipment ages and pricey upgrades or service contract renewals loom, weigh the value proposition of moving some of that IT infrastructure to the cloud. Compare the cost of running some of those functions in the cloud to the time and budget required by retaining them in-house. You may well relieve some of the burden and expense.

For some small businesses, it will make sense to get rid of as much on-premises technology as possible and rely on the cloud instead. Others will need to figure out which IT functions they can move to the cloud to reduce complexity and cost — and do so as a complement to their on-premises equipment and software.

On-Premises Technology has quickly become the old and antiquated way of managing your IT. It can be paralleled to the good old days where businesses kept all their cash at the office…  It’s no longer the best, most effective or
safest choice.

Today, it is quite easy for a small or mid-sized business to get Enterprise Level Information Technology services, at a very reasonable and affordable cost.  If you are ready to begin looking at your IT options, make sure you reach out to a professional and trusted “Managed Service Provider” like  They are a best of breed Technology Company that can help answer any questions you may have, and help you and your business with dedicated, certified and experienced staff.

You’ve worked hard for your business, and it deserves the very best!

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